theMachinery Corporation

Our company, theMachinery Corporation, was built in 2008 as the result of a german-chinese cooperation. We try to combine the best qualities from both worlds for the benefit of our customers. Chinese Teamwork, diligence and staying power in reaching set objectives are joined together with german organisational ability, swiss precision and high technical comprehension.

Our strength is the transformation of the wishes our customers into practice oriented software architectures and their implemetation.

According to our approach of pragmatic software development we are trying to keep our designs simple and clear. Complexity comes by its own because of the growing demands to modern software systems. Another convention of our company is not to invent the wheel another time. Therefore we make intense use of industrial strenght open source products in our development. Last but least we try to use the tools in our projects which fit best to solve the given problem. The software development technics are making rapid progress which we try to meet in our daily business.

One of our most important missions is to develop practice oriented and innovative user interfaces which are able to adapt according to the growing expertise of the user.